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What to look for in a historic building restoration expert

Interior restoration

In the UK, we have an abundance of historical buildings which are a testament to architecture and design techniques long past. Unfortunately, time takes a toll on various structural and design elements, to the point where restoration becomes necessary to preserve them. 

When choosing a restoration expert to work on your historic building, there are a few things that you should actively look for.

1.    Experience

The value of a historic building usually relies on its unique design. This means that choosing a restoration specialist who can best mimic the original work is essential for preserving its integrity and heritage value. Ensure that any contractor you approach has experience in a wide range of traditional techniques and has worked on other historic buildings before.

2.    Insurance

Any restoration contractor you work with should be sufficiently insured with public liability insurance. If you work with a company without proper insurance, then you risk financial issues if the work is not completed to standard or leads to an injury.

3.    Locally reputable

You are more likely to have success with a locally established, reputable company. Not only will they be easier to contact, you reduce the risk of working with a so-called ‘cowboy’ builder. Whilst one-off tradesmen may offer excellent prices, they are highly unlikely to have the expertise to do the job to the standard you require.

At Bell’s Décor, we recognise the importance of preserving historic and heritage buildings for future generations, which is why we are experienced in a broad range of specialist restoration techniques, such as wood graining, gold leaf application and intricate detailing. If you require the services of a restoration specialist, call us on 07852 654326.