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Wall coverings – how and when to use them

When you’re choosing the decorative finishes for your project, wall coverings can make a great alternative to paint. To help you achieve the best results, the expert decorators at Bell’s Decor have put together their guide to wall coverings.

You might want to consider wall coverings if:   

You want to create a bold look

For a dramatic look with plenty of wow factor, a bold wall covering is a sure-fire way to achieve maximum impact. You could opt for a striking pattern, vibrant colours, or even textured wall coverings. Available in a wide range of styles and colours, these vinyl-based wall coverings have a 3D texture that really brings the pattern to life. 

By letting you play with patterns and textures as well as colour, wall coverings give you the chance to really get creative with your space. If you’re concerned that a particular style might overwhelm your space, our experts can advise on different ways to use it cleverly. Certain styles may work better as a feature wall, which is still an effective way to achieve an eye-catching finish.

You need your walls to be tough and durable

In environments like hospitals and care homes, a practical solution that’s easy to maintain while still looking great is the ultimate goal. We are experienced in the application of specialist wide width vinyl, which is ideal if you need your walls to be durable and scrubbable. Vinyl wall coverings are easy to keep clean, making them a robust yet stylish choice. Available in a wide range of designs, they allow you to create an inviting and attractive space while also protecting your walls.

Bell’s Decor is a professional contract decorating company with experience installing wall coverings for a wide range of different projects. To find out more about our services, please get in touch with us today on 07852 654326 and we’ll be happy to help.