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Tips for decorating a show home that sells

Having painted and decorated some of the South’s most successful developments, we've picked up some great tips on how to create a show home that sells. Read on to discover more. 

1) Keep the paint colour neutral 

Choosing a neutral colour paint, such as a lovely crisp white or ultra-contemporary grey, will help your show home ooze elegance and style. Avoid colours that are too bold or outdated so the prospective buyers taking a tour of your home will easily be able to picture their own belongings or style in the space.

In our experience, painting the rest of the homes in the development in a similar colour palette is a good idea for the same reasons. 

2) But don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour

Now, we may have just said to keep the colour scheme in your show home neutral, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little splash of colour here and there. Indeed, the most successful show homes use colour to create a warm, cosy atmosphere that helps sell the kind of lifestyle your development offers.

To achieve this, you can paint feature walls in a bright or contrasting colour or add those pops of colour in your accessories, such as cushions, artwork and rugs. 

3) Use striking wallpaper to create a feature wall 

If you’re looking to create a room your buyers won’t forget in a hurry, you won’t go wrong by covering a feature wall in a carefully chosen wallpaper. Wallpaper, when properly applied, is a fantastic decorative material that comes in an almost endless array of patterns and colours that will accurately reflect your target audience’s tastes.

Or, for something really striking, why not go for a bold wall covering such as vinyl or foam panels in an imitation metal or wood finish?

4) Embrace the power of nature 

For the perfect finishing touch to your new build development’s show home, make sure you place a healthy, green plant in every room. Not only do plants help to add that all important dash of natural colour and depth we talked about earlier, they actively help improve the air quality of the space.

Studies have also shown plants in the home can actually help lower stress and improve our mood – handy for when you’re trying to sell a home! 

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