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The ultimate guide to decorating offices

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Whether you’re constructing a brand new office block or renovating an existing workspace, check out our decorating experts’ guide to how to create that all-important wow-factor. 

Keep it neutral with whites, creams or greys 

While it can be tempting to go with a bold decorating style for your office building, you’ll appeal to a much wider audience by keeping most of the office walls a neutral colour. Successful offices are painted in shades of white or cream, or very pale colours such as greens and greys, to ensure the building always looks crisp and clean. 

Add vibrant bursts of colour

While we recommend keeping the majority of the office space neutral, you should still opt for some bold design statements. Adding a vibrant pop of colour, whether that’s a painted feature wall or bright desks, will help energize staff and add interest to the room, bringing the office bang up to date and therefore standing out from the crowd. 

Stand out with textured wall coverings

Another failsafe way to create show-stopping offices that impress is to include wall coverings in your interior design – and we don’t just mean fancy wallpaper. Why not opt for a vinyl-based wall covering with a 3D texture that brings the pattern to life? From metallic geometric shapes to pretty floral designs, wall coverings come in an almost endless choice of styles and our qualified decorators are here to make sure it’s applied perfectly. 

Use wipe-clean paint 

With an endless stream of employees, clients and customers meeting, eating and even partying, office buildings are put under a lot of strain and the wear and tear can show up on the paint. As professional contract decorators, the team at Bell’s Decor therefore recommend using a paint that has been specially designed to be wiped clean – Crown’s Clean Extreme paint is a great choice. 

Let the light in with special paint

Not many people work well when they feel trapped in a dark and gloomy space so when designing the interior of your office building, make the most of natural light with large windows. Make sure you also choose a paint that has been designed to reflect light to give the illusion of brightness. 

Make the most of the wall space

Did you know there’s a special product that lets you paint a chalkboard surface onto walls? This is a very popular feature for many modern office buildings as not only does the chalkboard have practical uses, but it looks great and saves space too, particularly handy if the work area is on the small side. 

Bell’s Decor is a professional contract decorating company that specialises in giving your project the high-quality finish it deserves. We utilise years of experience in the decorating industry with the latest technology to achieve exceptional results on budget and on time, even if we have to work into the night. To talk to our friendly team about your decorating needs, please don’t hesitate to contact Bell’s Decor today on 07852 654326