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The ultimate guide to decorating hotels

If you’re looking to renovate your hotel, our decorating experts have shared their guide to creating a beautiful space that will keep guests coming back.

Steer clear of trendy colours

While it might be tempting to jump on the latest colour trends, there is more long-term value in picking timeless colours that won’t age badly.

Rich, dark colours can work beautifully if you want to create a sumptuous, intimate dining space or bar area, while lighter colours are ideal for creating a calm and welcoming ambience in bedrooms.

You can certainly get creative with colour, but it’s worth sticking to more classic colour palettes. For spaces where you want a bit of added wow-factor, you could consider using textured wall coverings. Available in a vast array of styles and colours, these vinyl-based wall coverings have a 3D texture that really brings the pattern to life. 

If your hotel’s branding is bright and vibrant, there are still plenty of fun and playful ways you can incorporate this into your decor. You could opt for splashes of colour with feature walls or accessories like cushions and throws.

Use wipe-clean paint

From fingerprints and shoe scuffs to food and drink spills, walls can fall victim to wear and tear. As professional contract decorators, the team at Bell’s Decor highly recommend using paint that has been specially designed to be wiped clean – Crown’s Clean Extreme paint is a great choice. 

For dining rooms and busy areas, a durable paint that offers stain resistance and allows for frequent cleaning is a must.

Brighten spaces with light-reflective paint

For any darker, more gloomy areas in your hotel, a paint that has been designed to reflect light will give the illusion of brightness. This could be a great choice for smaller bedrooms, or ones which don’t benefit from as much natural light. 

Create a mood board

When decorating a building with so many different spaces, having a clear idea of colours, textures and fabrics that work well together will help to keep the design feeling cohesive. If your hotel has a particular theme, a mood board can also help you select design elements that keep to that theme.  

Bell’s Decor is a professional contract decorating company that specialises in giving your project the high-quality finish it deserves. To learn more or to discuss your hotel renovation in more detail, get in touch with us today on 07852 654326 and we’ll be happy to help.