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New builds Versus Existing Properties

Moving home is a big life decision, and one of the many factors to consider is the type of property you would like to move into – would you like to live in a new build home, or look to relocate to an existing property?

With experience in new build decorating and contract decorating of existing properties, Bell’s Decor are well placed to explain to you the reasons for and against buying old and new builds, along with why you should trust Bell’s Decor with all your decorating needs.

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Reasons for buying a new build

New homes come with a variety of benefits, including:

New builds are energy efficient

New builds benefit from modern building techniques such a good insulation, double glazing and energy efficient heating systems.

The property chain ends with you

This is because no existing owners have lived in a new build. Regardless of if you have a property to sell, the chain ends with you. This reduces the likelihood of the chain falling through.

You can take advantage of home buying schemes

Help to buy and first home schemes are available on new build homes only, making these properties great for first time buyers who need assistance getting onto the property ladder.

Reasons for buying an existing build or older house

Existing buildings come with their advantages, such as:

Existing builds possess character and originality

From decorative fireplaces to historic flooring and design properties, old builds can offer character and original features that new builds simply cannot.

Older builds tend to be sizeable

Typically, existing builds can offer more internal and external space than new builds – ideal if you’re looking for big bedrooms or a large garden setting.

You can survey existing builds for issues

With older homes, you can arrange a house survey to understand if there are any considerable problems with the property (like structural issues) to help decide if it’s right for you to buy.

Reasons against buying an existing build or older house

There are, however, some downsides you should consider when purchasing an older home. These include:

Existing builds can have long and painful property chains

When purchasing an existing property, you may be subject to long sales chains which can become incredibly stressful, not to mention the potential for the chain to fall through.

Older homes have poorer energy efficiency

Energy bills tend to be higher in existing homes, as they do not possess the energy efficiency savings new builds do.

Existing builds have been subjected to wear and tear

With previous owners living in the property before you, there is a strong likelihood of wear and tear from their usage. This can also lead to more considerable expenses like dealing with structural or damp issues.

Bell’s Decor can assist in the redecoration of any property. Our portfolio also covers restoration decorating services, highlighting our experience and ability to deal with the unique demands and issues posed by older, historic buildings.

What’s better – buying a new build or an older house?

This entirely depends on what you want from your property in terms of your own needs, tastes and preferences.

Whatever your decision, Bell’s Decor will be on hand to assist with all of your decorating needs.

Trust Bell’s Decor to paint and decorate your new or existing build

We are a professional painting and decorating company who have worked on plenty of prestigious commercial and residential projects across the southern counties of Dorset and Hampshire.

Through our many years of experience, our reliable decorators use the latest innovative technology to ensure we can get all tasks done for your new or existing build on time, every time without compromising on quality.

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