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How wall coverings make your building stand out from the crowd

Commercial decorating

As professional contract decorators, we have decorated a number of different building projects, from apartment blocks and office buildings to care homes and restaurants. One of the questions we often get asked is ‘how can we make our building stand out?’ Our response? Wallcoverings. 

A versatile alternative to paint, wall coverings nowadays mean so much more than the old fashioned and stuffy wallpapers found in properties that haven’t changed since the 1960’s. Wall coverings come in a range of materials, patterns, colours, finishes and even textures, helping building developers and managing agents make their projects stand out from the crowd. 

Choose a statement wallpaper 

A mainstay of wall coverings, wallpaper is a classic choice. With almost unlimited designs and patterns available, you can choose any design from subtle patterns in pretty pastels for understated elegance to bold and bright designs for when you want to make a statement. Wallpaper can even mimic other materials such as brick or wood for an instantly modern and industrial look that’s an incredibly popular theme for offices and restaurants. 

Set your project apart with vinyl wall covering

Reimagine your walls with vinyl. This versatile material creates a more dramatic, indulgent atmosphere than wallpaper. Its unique 3D texture brings the patterns and colours to life, adding interest and depth to any room. As well as being highly attractive, vinyl wall covering is waterproof and hard-wearing, making it ideal for schools, shops, hospitals and food establishments. 

Wall panels create the wow-factor

For real wow-factor that takes a room from ordinary to extraordinary, we recommend wall panels.  Wall panels are embossed wall coverings that are deeply textured to imitate other materials, such as metallic tiles, intricately carved plaster, grooved metals, aging wood and even tweed. We advise using wall panels to create a dramatic and memorable central focus in large areas, such as entrance halls, meeting rooms and living spaces. 

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