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5 of the best ideas for sustainable decorating

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As we become more and more aware of our carbon footprint, you’ll want to ensure your project is as eco-friendly as possible. To help your project stand the test of time, our decorators share their top 5 sustainable interior design ideas. 

1)    The minimalist design 

Minimalist interior design simplifies, organises and declutters space making us more mindful of what items we choose to decorate and therefore we are more likely to keep them for longer. The clean and simplistic style is also a popular look that works well in a range of industries, from healthcare and educational buildings to offices and apartments. 

2)    Choose eco-friendly decorating material

The cost of eco-friendly decorating materials has fallen significantly in the last few years so where budget allows, always opt for the ‘greener’ choice. Such products include paint that’s free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and wallpaper that’s made from recycled material. We’ve found cork is a popular choice for alternative wall coverings as it’s not only a sustainable decorating material, but it looks fantastic too. 

3)    Avoid using plastic 

Replace cold synthetic materials, such as PVC and plastic, with natural materials like wood, stone and bamboo. Not only are these a more environmentally friendly choice, they create a warm and cosy atmosphere that’s ideal for decorating flats, residential homes and reception areas. 

4)    Use natural floor and wall coverings 

As well as being mindful about which furniture you use to decorate your building with, you can also be careful about which floor and wall coverings you choose. There is a whole range of sustainably sourced and affordable materials available on the market these days so you’ll still be able to get the quality finish your project deserves at the right price. 

5)    Choose a neutral colour scheme

The mindset of throwing items away or redecorating once something goes out of style needs to change if we’re to become truly sustainable. So, when picking the colour scheme for your project, make sure you choose something that is timeless and neutral. This not only ensures it won’t need to be updated as soon as the fashion moves on but that your building will appeal to a wider range of people. 

Bell’s Decor is a leading contract decorator that provides a wide range of professional decorating services, including painting and spraying, wall coverings, intumescent painting and restoration. Our experienced team is always happy to advise on sustainable decorating as well as what style will suit your project. To find out more, contact Bell’s today on 07852 654326