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Wallpapering: Don’t Use Shortcuts

It requires skill and a huge amount of patience to make a perfect job of wallpapering a wall, which is why hiring a decorator is always the best way to achieve the best finish first time. Even when walls aren’t prepped beforehand, it’s easy to leave gaps, bubbles, and frayed and mismatched edges.

If you don’t prepare your walls beforehand, you’ll find any holes and uneven patches are highlighted under your new pattern. In addition, if you don’t strip your walls of the previous wallpaper, you may find the new wallpaper doesn’t stick down properly.  

If you have a large wallpapering job that you need doing, the Bell's Decor team are ready to help. We've completed wallpapering and larger decorating projects for the likes of Inland Homes and Poole Housing Partnership

Stripping old wallpaper

If you already have wallpaper on your walls, its best to remove it. While some people layer wallpaper over wallpaper, this can be risky, especially if the original wallpaper has vinyl in it. Vinyl is non-adhesive, which means the new layer of wallpaper won’t stick to it properly. But how easy it is to remove wallpaper depends on the type of wallpaper that already exists on your walls.

There are several different types of wallpaper – strippable wallpaper, peelable wallpaper, and traditional wallpaper. If you have peelable wallpaper, you may be able to do a quick, good job of removing it yourself. However, if you have strippable or traditional wallpaper, you’ll need additional materials, such as soap or certain chemicals.

You should be able to remove strippable wallpaper with just a putty knife, soap, water, and rags, whereas traditional wallpaper requires a wallpaper stripper solution, which is a mix of stripper and warm water. However, bear in mind that this is a long and messy job and you could even end up making more work for yourself if you don’t use the right techniques when removing the old paper.

Preparing the walls

Once you’ve removed the wallpaper, you’ll need to wash down the walls, use filler to even out any holes, dents or scuffs, and then sand the walls down once the filler has dried - to ensure the surface is completely smooth.

While it’s easy enough to purchase filler from a DIY store, there’s technique involved to ensure the wall surface is properly even. This is where hiring a painter and decorator will significantly decrease the time it takes to wallpaper your property.

Choose Bells Décor

The team at Bells Décor are no strangers to wallpapering – we take on contract jobs for modern homes to older properties – including redecorating care homes, offices, and new builds.

Our wallpapering service is just the start. We can help you to discover a huge variety of textured and 3D wall coverings – why not check out our blog post on wall coverings for inspiration?

If you have a big decorating job that you need tackling, get the Bells Décor team involved. We provide professional decorating services carried out by qualified and experienced decorators. Give us a call on 07852 654326 to discuss your project with our friendly team.